36th Annual Steelhead Derby 2018

The 36th Annual Steelhead Derby (February 22-24, 2108) is coming upon us quickly!

Guides please confirm if you haven’t all ready done so!

Fisherman…Please, please get your entry forms in early this year for your teams…Earlier the better..

I want to Thank everyone, guides, fisherman, sponsors, and all the helping hands that make this event happen… A BIG thank you for your continued support!


Fall Update

Hey everyone,

There has been a lot of work going on at the hatchery over the spring, summer and early fall. Andy, crew and a group of volunteers successfully clipped, tagged and released nearly 80,000 chinook fingerlings in the late spring. This is a great undertaking as you have to handle each fish and be very precise with the tagging and clipping. I volunteered this year and my hands hurt for days!! Andy and crew have also been maintaining over 40,000 Steelhead juveniles. They require a lot of labor. They are fed 5 times daily, monitored constantly for health issues and kept in the upmost quality of water conditions. With all of this, the crew has kept up with all of the daily maintenance of buildings, yards and equipment.

Currently Andy and crew are trapping Chinook, which has been fairly unsuccessful due to the low water levels we have had this fall. We hope that the weather systems that are forecasted for the next few days will bring some fish into the trap.

As most of you know, February brings our annual fundraising fishing derby. This derby is one of two fundraisers that pay for our labor costs, electricity and fish food. Your participation in this derby will directly effect financial bottom line of the hatchery. It is not to early to get your team signed up. For more information you can personal message this page or call The number listed on this page.

Thank you all so much for your donations of your work and hard earned money. Without you, this all would not be possible. Please remember if you want to get your pick for your guide, get in early!! Thank you all again!

Pictured here is Andy, our hatchery manager looking over the Wier and trap and the holding ponds that are holding the fish we have already trapped.


Clipping and Tagging Salmon

It was a great weekend clipping and tagging Chinook salmon at the hatchery. Everybody’s backs and hands are soar, but getting 10,000 little kings ready for release is worth it. Thank you to all that came and volunteered. We have a lot more to do. If you would like to help out, please let us know.

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