Congrats to the winners!

We would like to say thank you to all of our volunteers, guides, staff, Amber Allison Photography, the Tolowa Dee-Ni’ Nation, and our participants. We had a great weekend with a ton of activity, including, fishing, raffles, an auction, lots of great food and drinks and a great presentation from the Nor Cal guides and sportsman association in witch they presented a 1500 dollar donation to the hatchery. Over all we had a wonderful weekend and raised a ton of money. The exact numbers aren’t in yet. We will post them soon. Congrats to our winners.

In first place we had team number 19.
Kathy Figas, Linda Sundberg and their guide Mick Thomas. Bob Figas, Garth Sundberg and their guide Phil Desautels. They caught 6 fish for a total of 170 inches.

In Second place we had team 10.
Chuck Howard, Darin Bradbury and their guide Rye Philips. Chris Howard, Tom Bessett and their guide Frank Duarte. They caught 5 fish for a total of 130 inches.

In third place we had team number 2.
Eric Sherwood, Kevin Lee and their guide Gary Early. Doug Huckfeldt, Jerry Sax and their guide Jason James. They caught 4 fish for 109 inches.

The top rod ( the most fish caught by a single angler) went to Jerry Sax and guide Jason James. 3 fish totaling 87 inches.

The biggest fish went to angler Marc Scarr and his guide Chris Griffin with a 38 inch Chetco river Stealhead.

We had a total of 34 fish caught. 17 on the Smith and 17 on the Chetco. With a grand total of 950 inches.

We would also like to extend a huge thank you to our Derby coordinator, Kimberlee Nielsen Lindberg Swift. You are awesome and we love you!!!

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